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Indigenous Services2018-08-24T15:25:21+00:00

Niish Anishinaabek dibendaanaawa Design de Plume, nakaazinaa Anishinaabe odiziwin wii- wii-zhitoowad zhijiganan weweni zhinoomaagewad Anishinaabek, Metis, miinwaa Inuit, kina gwa gwodji Canada.

Nagijitoonaa wii-mshkowendaagwak eshtooyaang, miinwaa wii-mino-waabminaagwak mazinaagisigeyaang, miinwaa zhinoomaageyaang jimenjimo-kendaaswin nakaaziwin aabijitoong.

Mayiiji-nagjitoojig enkiijig maanpii ndoo-nakazinaa, kina gwa e’doowendaman manj gwa minik, miinwaa e’kwagowenh n’gashtoonaa.

Kina gwa gwaya enkiid maanpii mesinaasgejig, mesinibiigejig, miinwaa geg e’toowaad wa kidaang aabideg wii-nsastaanaawa Anishinaabe odiziwin, miinwaa wii-mino-ganoowaabmaan Anishinaaben.

Maanda dash e’yaamaang gshkitjigewin, gii-kinomaagisiyaang, miinwaa nagjitoowin ga-naadamaagwan wii-zhinoomaageyin miiyaa e’chi-piitendaagwak wa-kidayin.

Design de Plume ga-wiidabamigo wii-naadamagoyin mayii ji-nishing Anishinaabewin wii-zhinoomaageyin, nakaziyaang ndoo-gshkewisinaa, pane wii-bkwendaman e’zhi-nishing e’nakiiyaang.

Bi-giigidan, gnimaa ge bi-zhaan wii-kendaman e’naangdeg mesiwendaman wa zhitooyin.

Design de Plume is an Indigenously-owned company that uses our experience and cultural background to create effective communication pieces for First Nation, Métis, and Inuit organizations right across Canada.

Our ability to engage people with striking images and powerfully written content creates high-quality creative strategies that are proven to work in both print design and web development.

Our team is made up of professionals who excel at meeting the creative demands of organizations both large and small. We compliment our design services by offering photographers, illustrators, and other content creators who are well versed in Canadian Indigenous Culture and Sensitivities.

This combination of experience, education, and excellence will help you create projects that reach across any medium and express the value of what you have to communicate.

Design de Plume’s focus is to collaborate with you to combine the best of traditional values and technology to create messages that are as effective as they are memorable.

Contact us today for a quote for your next project.