Encouraging inclusive apprenticeship

with Canadian Apprenticeship Forum

What we did

  • Print Design
  • Illustration
  • Infographics
  • Print Design
  • Illustration
  • Infographics

What they needed

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum encourages people to consider careers in skilled trades and helps match them up with apprenticeship opportunities. They first approached us to create an array of reports, including infographics and illustrations.

A cover and internal spread for the "Apprentice Demans in the Top Ten Real Seal Trades: A 2019 National Labour Market Information Report" The cover features a double exposure image of a portrait of a person, and a person climbing a hydro tower. The internal spread has three different information blocks in white rectangles over an image of a building in construction with a large crane.
A maple leaf composed of words, all in white. Each word is a different trade, such as Bricklayer, Electrician, and others.

How we helped

We set to work, helping them create cohesive reports that featured custom illustrations and photos of workers in a wide spectrum of trades, from boilermakers to bricklayers. We also helped them lay out complex facts and figures in visual ways that are easier to read. Bonus, we designed our layouts for both French and English, so they could be shared nationally between provinces. 

One of our favorite deliverables was their Indigenous trades report. Unfortunately, there’s a lack of stock photos of Indigenous trade workers. So we took the time to take our own, setting up photo sessions with local Indigenous trade workers in different sectors.

A French info sheet titled "The demand for apprentices throughout Canada" The info sheet features plenty of information on the current demands for apprentices.
An info sheet titled Apprenticeship Snapshot. The info sheets subtitle reads "Apprenticeship registration trends". The rest of the graphic features circle graphs with statistics about each trade, and if there are more or less registrations than previous.
An icon of a power drill. The icon is a simple outline illustration in black.
An icon of a measuring tape. The icon is a simple outline illustration in deep blue.
An icon of a Mitre saw. The icon is a simple outline illustration in deep blue.
An icon of a whisk. The icon is a simple outline illustration in black.
An icon of safety glasses. The glasses are a simple outlined illustration.
A cover and internal spread of a Promoting Careers in the Skilled Trades to Indigenous Youth in Canada booklet. The cover features an image of three people in construction gear and safety goggles. The internal spread is blue and white and details several points that make skilled trades inaccessible to people.
A cover and internal spread of the Youth + Jobs = Better Future book. The cover featured several portrait of different people, and the subtitle reads "Youth Skilled Trades Employment Strategy". The internal spread reads "Main Findings".
An interior spread of a Canadian Appreticeship Forum booklet. The spread features several icons and explanations for Best Practices and action items.

Making a difference

All the facts and figures in the world mean little if we can’t understand or connect with them. The care that CAF takes with their reports encourages readership across many languages and cultures. And their willingness to step beyond generic stock photos speaks to their commitment to diversity and inclusion, including of Indigenous cultures.

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