Indigenous Tourism Ontario

Growing Indigenous tourism started with expanding a beloved tourism brand.

Indigenous Tourism Ontario2022-07-12T11:34:12-04:00


To spread the word about fire safety, we designed illustrations and videos that reached a broad Indigenous audience.


Government of Ontario

To make it easier to use, a development guide needed some development of its own.

Government of Ontario2022-07-11T16:22:24-04:00

Lands Advisory Board

As their influence spread across Canada, LAB needed to grow their brand and tools, too.

Lands Advisory Board2022-07-14T14:29:21-04:00

Native Women’s Association of Canada

To promote the wellbeing of Indigenous women, NWAC relies on a spectrum of print and digital materials.

Native Women’s Association of Canada2022-07-11T15:40:09-04:00

Johns Hopkins University

Highlighting Indigenous innovation in the wake of a global pandemic.

Johns Hopkins University2022-07-11T14:50:27-04:00