Native Women’s Association of Canada

To promote the wellbeing of Indigenous women, NWAC relies on a spectrum of print and digital materials.

Native Women’s Association of Canada2023-03-16T09:31:18-04:00

National Action Plan

Our designs helped honour victims by inspiring hope.

National Action Plan2023-04-11T11:57:08-04:00

Canadian Federation of Students

Fewer than 40% of students across Canada were voting. We helped spark a movement to change that.

Canadian Federation of Students2023-03-15T16:10:53-04:00

SOCAN Foundation

To encourage emerging musicians, we remixed print, web, and event designs.

SOCAN Foundation2023-03-15T16:24:00-04:00


To spread the word about fire safety, we designed illustrations and videos that reached a broad Indigenous audience.


Government of Ontario

To make it easier to use, a development guide needed some development of its own.

Government of Ontario2023-03-15T16:25:44-04:00

DAWN Canada

Finding a more expansive, inclusive image to symbolize female resilience.

DAWN Canada2023-03-15T16:13:12-04:00

Special Olympics Canada

Showcasing how diverse characters can make a world of difference.

Special Olympics Canada2023-03-15T16:26:34-04:00

Invasive Species Centre

To help protect our rugged Canadian beauty, we designed a spectrum of materials to support stopping the spread of invasive species.

Invasive Species Centre2023-03-15T16:27:32-04:00