Leading with Culture, Designing with Purpose.

We are an Indigenous and women-owned business that creates equitable and accessible designs that resonate. Our inclusive marketing approach is rooted in Indigeneity, Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Sustainability.

How we can help

Curation of authentic Indigenous photo libraries.

Indigenous and women-led with access to a diverse roster of creative talent.

Leaders in applying IIDEAS lenses (Indigeneity, Inclusivity, Equity, Accessibility, and Sustainability), which results in work that:

  • Increases engagement and participation rates.
  • Reduces non-compliance risks for accessibility.
  • Has a higher ROI.

We work alongside your team to deliver strategic print and digital communication. Our lenses ensure that people of all backgrounds and abilities are able to do business with you or work with you long-term.

Expect the Following from Our Work Together
  • Unlock increased team momentum through lowered barriers to participation.
  • Boosted return on your marketing dollars from engaging with a higher percentage of customers with a disability.
  • Reduced non-compliance risk for accessibility.
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We engaged with Design de Plume to design and support our brand package for the National Indigenous History Month in 2022. The timelines were tight and the ask was large: to create an inclusive design for a cross-country campaign, spanning all platforms. Not only did they deliver a beautiful package, they spent time socializing it and the meaning behind each element throughout our marketing, design and Indigenous hub teams.
Jennifer Haskett, CBC Creative and Production Services Director

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