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Client: Firelight Group
Date: 2018
What we did:

  1. Branding

Project Description

The 2018 Indigenous Mapping Workshop will host more than 300 community mapping practitioners from across the world to Montreal, QC from August 20-23, 2018. The four-day conference will explore Google, Esri Canada, QGIS, Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, and other geospatial tools. Participants will learn how to use these tools to collect, host, visualize, share, and publish community generated data.

About the branding: Throughout many cultures the compass has been used as a tool for exploration and directional guidance. It has helped individuals map out their journey and today it is still considered a valuable asset. The turtle has been incorporated into the logo to abstractly portray the shape of the compass, while tying in an organic and natural element. The use of the turtle shape can also be interpreted as Turtle Island, connecting modern science and indigenous philosophy.