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Project Description

Martin Clinic Are you built for cancer

Project Details:

Client: Martin Clinic
Date: Fall 2015 to present
What we did:

  1. Product Package Design
  2. Booklet (Recipe) Design
  3. Photography
  4. Social Media Shareables (Facebook)
  5. Print Production

Project Description

Martin Clinic provides a range of resources and products for their clients about how to get healthier through nutrition. We were really excited to get the chance to work with Dr. Martin on several branding items, including a cookbook that features some really great recipes.

Design de Plume provided the large (appetizing) photographs, layout,  printing…and taste testing!

The photography, layout and illustrations were designed to keep the materials easy to read, fun to look over, and highlight important pieces of information for clients looking to change their lifestyles. We made sure everything they put out follows their branding and provides a unified looks that lets users know they can trust their information.

Martin Clinic by Design de Plume
Martin Clinic by Design de Plume
Martin Clinic by Design de Plume