Project Description

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Client: TD Creative Entrepreneur Incubator
Date: 2018
Project URL:
What we did:

  1. Website Design and Development
  2. Branding
  3. Social Media

Project Description

The TD Creative Entrepreneur Incubator is an exciting, new program that provides emerging music creators with seed funding, mentorship, and the opportunity to participate in a progressive webinar series that will hone their skills of entrepreneurship while providing them with the tools and resources needed to turn their talent into a sustainable career.

About the branding…

The two squares of the logo represent the connection between the mentee and the mentor aspect of this collaborative program.

A soundwave can be found at the heart of the logo. As new and emerging music creators were at the core of this program, we wanted to place emphasis on the musical background of each participant.

Vibrant colours were chosen for the branding to match the enthusiastic energy of the program.

Logo of TD Creative Entrepreneur Incubator

Image of TD Creative Entrepreneur Incubator browser