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Project Description

Project Details

Client: True Steel
Date: 2018
Project URL: https://truesteel.com/
What we did:

  1. Web Design & Development

Client: Northern 911
Date: 2017
Project URL: http://northern911.com
What we did:

  1. Web Design & Development

True Steel

True Steel has been in the security business for over 35 years. They are a Northern Ontario based business and their goal is to work with their neighbours to help them feel safe.

Design de Plume helped True Steel create a website that was more accessible, mobile friendly and up to date with current technologies. We enjoyed working on custom icons, textures and visuals to make the site engaging while easy to navigate.

Northern 911

Northern911 achieves their mission by providing reliable, efficient, and accurate services in the areas of Enhanced 911 (E911), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 911, Alarm Monitoring, Fire Dispatch, Vehicular Telematics, and GPS Monitoring. With coverage across North America our Monitoring Centre responds swiftly to emergency situations to help protect life and property. Their Emergency Response Specialists are APCO certified and undergo extensive training and quality control to ensure the highest quality customer experience.

Design de Plume helped aligned their website with their brand mission by developing a look and flow that was professional, easy-to-access, and highlighted their broad range of services.