Project Description

Project Details

Client: Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation
Date: 2017 – 2018
What we did:

  1. Print Design
  2. Infographics
  3. Accessible Documents
  4. Illustration

Project Description

Several reports over the years have been developed in conjunction with the Ontario Government highlighting the research they have been doing with Indigenous Communities. The reports have ranged from economic development guides for First Nations to Anniversary report that encourage an in-depth look at various research initiatives.

Design de Plume has worked closely with several teams, providing expert advice on how best to create materials and graphics that are accessible, understandable, and showcase the changes being made by the various projects.

First Nations Community Economic Development Guide for Ontario

Please visit the Government of Ontario’s website to download a copy of the First Nations Community Economic Development Guide for Ontario PDF.


The First Nations Community Economic Development Guide for Ontario was designed for the Ontario government. This book was developed to assist First Nations Communities with economic development.

The previous book distributed didn’t gain much traction as it contained many clip art images and wasn’t very approachable. It also wasn’t accessible so the online version was difficult to use.

The Ontario government-contracted DDP to create a new version that was accessible (print and web), inclusive of First Nations culture, and approachable to economic development officers in First Nation communities.


We took into consideration the varying accessibility needs when creating this booklet; all colours and icons throughout the book are appropriate and had high colour contrasts for those with vision issues.

The illustrations were inspired by First Nations culture and geometry to highlight new sections of the book and create visual hierarchy.

The layout includes various bookmark elements to help users navigate through the bulk of the content. These section separators also help with digesting the content and quickly being able to flip to the proper section.


The book was made accessible for both online and print and was very well received amongst both government officials and First Nations communities. There were many direct inquiries from officers as to where they could get their own hardcopy.

The book continues to be a resource to First Nations economic developers and is distributed online through the Ontario government’s website.

Strength in Numbers: Measuring Outcomes for Indigenous Peoples in Ontario 2018