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Client: Sherbourne Health Bus
Date: 2019 – Present
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What we did:

  1. Website Design and Development
  2. Illustration
  3. Accessible Design
  4. Photography

Project Description


The Sherbourne Health Bus is a mobile clinic that provides services to people who often face barriers to accessing healthcare. They focus on providing accessible care in a confidential and judgement free manner.

They needed a new website that would be accessible, streamlined and simple to use for users of all levels. The goal of the health bus is to reduce barriers to care and the website needed to match that goal.

Previously, their users had a hard time finding out where the stop was located, who could access services on any specific day, thought that they were Rotary Club volunteers instead of medical professionals and would often confuse them as a transport to a hospital service.


The Health Bus project needed an online information hub that would allow users to learn more about the Health Bus’ services and where it could be located at specific times. Because of the bus’ mobility, the website includes a live locator map that also displays future scheduled stops. The website is welcoming, easy to navigate and mobile friendly so users can access information when it’s easiest for them.

The map and schedule update in real time which allows for the staff to keep everyone posted of any changes in the scheduling or services offered that day.

Accessibility was an important feature and this is found in both the design of the website and the coding behind it. We knew that users would be from a varied demographic, including people who were homeless and those who might have difficulty reading, so the website included custom icons for easier navigation and comprehension.

Accessing medical care can be intimidating. We included custom photography and a virtual tour of the bus and equipment to help make the bus more approachable.


Clinics are able to get more accurate information about the location of the Health Bus as well as the schedule through the website. Originally they had to manually make a Microsoft word schedule and send it to the clinics every day. Now the website is able to manage that information automatically. The calendar on the health bus also has a print feature to help clinics stay up to date and update their flyers around the office regularly.

Those who utilize the health bus services can see exactly where the health bus is using the live indicator and know what day they are getting access to care by viewing the specific stop or the schedule.

With the new streamlined website users are able to access important information much faster. Previously the website was difficult to navigate and text heavy. The new website is much more simple and interactive which allows for users to get to the relevant information faster (previously 12 minutes average viewing time down to 2 minutes of viewing time).

Our understanding of Sherbourne’s missions and goals, as well as our time working with them, has made us truly appreciate the work they do and our small contribution to their success.


Sherbourne Health Bus Website shown on a Laptop
Sherbourne Health Bus view of websites full homepage
Sherbourne Health Bus Website on Mobile showcasing the bus map and live updating
Sherbourne Health Bus Website on Mobile showcasing the bus schedule
Sherbourne Health Bus Menu on Desktop
Sherbourne Health Bus schedule view

Custom Icons

Sherbourne Health Bus Search Icon
Sherbourne Health Bus Team Icon
Sherbourne Health Bus Schedule Icon
Sherbourne Health Bus Our Team Icon
Sherbourne Health Bus Donate Icon

Print Material


Sherbourne Health Bus menu view