Project Description

Project Details

Client: OPSEU
Date: 2017
What we did:

  1. Branding guide
  2. Print Materials
  3. Wayfinding and Signage
  4. Programs and Promotional Materials
  5. Illustrations

Over the past 30 years, WIPCE has grown to become a major international event in the Indigenous education movement, hosted triennially.

The conference attracts highly regarded Indigenous education experts, practitioners, and scholars.  As a result, WIPCE is the largest and most diverse Indigenous education venue in the world.  The conference continues to lead the discussion on contemporary movements in education that support Indigenous worldviews.

Signage Samples

hello bannerswindow decals

A Celebration of Resilience

WIPCE 2017, A Celebration of Resilience, the role and impacts of Indigenous Education in truth and reconciliation around the world was a key focus of the conference theme.

In 2015, Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission issued its final report including 94 Calls to Action.

The Truth and Reconciliation movement is international. The 2017 WIPCE conference explored the ways in which Indigenous people around the world are interacting with similar movements and how resiliency is playing a major role in the revitalization of our diverse cultures.

Illustration of Dancers

WIPCE dancers

Design de Plume was an integral part of the process and created the strategy, brand guides, and a huge array of materials in a very short span of time. The designs were fun, energizing, original, and helped unify the many space where WIPCE was held. To make the system work easier and more efficiently, we made a modular system that we shared with both the printing partner and the local event designers.

Matching materials could be made on site quickly and continue to coordinate with all our other materials. Design de Plume created the illustrations, designs, managed the printing, and created template files for local usage.

Our special considerations were:

  • Condensed timeline
  • Hugely diverse group with various English language skills (Educators from around the world)
  • Focus on Indigenous knowledge
  • Colourful, hopeful, inspirational, and culturally appropriate
  • Transferable to a wide array of print items.