Design de Plume Inc., an Indigenously-owed creative agency operating out of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, won a DNA Paris Design Award for 2023.

In the Graphic/UX design category, IPCA Knowledge Basket project won. Designed to integrate and honour Indigenous ways of knowing, this digital resource was created to function as a virtual Indigenized space.

The project created a brand and a digital space for the Conservation Through Reconciliation Partnership to honour, celebrate, and catalyze Indigenous-led conservation pathways in Canada.

The website aimed to have users interact with the stories and resources and create “Knowledge Baskets” or accounts where they could save their findings and collect related materials while respecting the digital space and messages provided. Among Indigenous Peoples, oral storytelling remains an important and accessible method of both teaching and learning. The brand, website and video we created is an auditory and visual experience tailored to teach and inspire users.

“To have Indigenous design recognized on an international level is incredibly exciting, important and humbling.” says Jennifer Taback, a Partner at Design de Plume. “For the past several years we have challenged what typical designs in this space look like and advocated on behalf of our clients to ensure that their diverse histories, narratives and resources are made in their own voices.”

About Design de Plume

Design de Plume Inc. is an Indigenously owned, women-led creative agency with its headquarters in Sudbury, Ontario. We provide branding, design, website, consultation, and strategic services to governments, not-for-profits, cultural organizations, healthcare, and higher education institutions. We operate both domestically and internationally with a diverse team of ground-breaking creative professionals.

For further information:
Media Contact: Jennifer Taback, Partner, Design de Plume Inc.,
705-222-5740 ext 13, [email protected]