In every project, every design, and every interaction, Design de Plume leads with culture and designs with purpose.


We work on multi-disciplinary projects across Turtle Island (Canada and the US) with clients in several sectors.

Through our work, we don’t just design, we create spaces that honour traditions and build futures where inclusivity is not just an aspiration but a beautifully designed reality.

Designing with purpose

We are creators, translators, narrators, and magnifiers of change, empowering both organizations and communities to shape a future where inclusivity is not just a vision, but a beautifully designed reality.

Our contrarian approach is not about opposing for opposition’s sake, but about stimulating deeper thinking and encouraging a broader perspective. We respect established norms while daring to ask, “What if?” and “Why not?”


Higher Education
Cultural Institutions
Indigenous-Owned Companies
Change Makers Who Share Our Vision


Design Systems
AR/VR Consultation
Indigenous Stock Photo Libraries

The DDP difference

At DDP we don’t just view Indigeneity, Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Sustainability (IIDEAS) as individual principles; we see them as interconnected threads that weave together the fabric of our philosophy. In every project we undertake, these six principles intertwine, creating a tapestry rich with culture, understanding, and purpose.

The lenses allow us to focus on different areas which increase ease of use, understanding and adoption by the audiences who view them. Our work builds trust, reduces risk all within a framework that continues to use best practices and is shaped by the people who will use them the most.


Because we’re Indigenously-owned, we’re passionate about working with the many First Nation, Inuit, Métis, and Tribal organizations across Turtle Island. And we take a unique approach to creating ethical designs for groups who support underrepresented communities.


When people can see themselves in your designs, they’re more likely to listen to what you have to say. We work with groups who advocate for gender and 2SLGBTQIA+ diversity, Indigenous cultures, and people with a range of physical and mental needs.


As a women-owned firm, we’re committed to projects that help empower other women and gender-diverse folks. We craft designs that resonate with the glorious human spectrum inviting everyone in to participate.


Everyone should be provided with the tools they need to succeed. We strive to lead our clients towards the most equitable option so that no one gets left behind.


Making things look nice is easy. Making things easy to use—that’s hard. We help you create compelling designs that meet print and digital accessibility guidelines across North America. So your message reaches people with a range of physical and mental needs. (Which is all of us, really.)


In this interconnected world, our choices have far-reaching consequences. We build every project on a base of environmental, social, and economic sustainability, so that the great work you’re doing today will still have a positive impact tomorrow.