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Supporting Sports for everyone with the E-Alliance hub for gender and equity in sports.

Across Canada, women are underrepresented in sports of all sorts. But a team of researchers from three universities wants to even the playing field. Scientists from University of Toronto, Université de Laval, and Guelph University banded together to go for a big goal: gender diversity and equity in sports. They just needed the right brand coach.

How we helped

As a team of three female designers actively involved in sports, we were an ideal match. To kick things off, we led a strategic session to put together a game plan for the organization—and brainstorm a name fans could get behind. We soon honed in on the E-Alliance, which was inspired by their motto: Equity for All.

Next up, we tackled an ambitious project scope. This included designing diverse, bilingual branding, print materials, and a custom website to help them pitch their research in a way that was easy to both write and read.

The cover of the E-Alliance brand guide. The cover features orange, purple, and magenta shapes overlapping each other in the top section, and a white bottom section that reads "Brand Guide" with the E-Alliance logo under it and a semi transparent E-Alliance logo in the bottom right.
An icon in an off-white circle. The icon features a colourful illustration of a whistle, with the top being red, the sides being magenta, and the bottom being purple.
An icon in an off-white circle. The icon features a colourful left hand. The thumb, palm, and middle finger are orange, the pinky finger is yellow, and the index and ring finger are magenta.
An icon in an off-white circle. The icon features three colourful heads representing people of different races. The leftmost head is yellow with deep purple hair, the middle head is red with magenta hair in a long braid, and the rightmost head is magenta with bright orange curly hair coming around their head in a circle.
An Icon in an off-white circle. The icon features a segmented rainbow, with the first line being red and orange, the second line being yellow and green, and the third line being blue and purple.

The E-Alliance team was so pleased with their new branding that they created a highlight reel that featured our team. They continue to use our branding assets and social templates to share posts and other research about gender inequalities in sports. And not only is their website fully accessible, it’s also full of research that’s easy to sort by topic or author. It’s a win all around.

An i-phone mockup of the E-Alliance website. The site features the E-Alliance logo in white on a carousel, and the yellow section below it is a blurb about International Women's Day.
An iMac mockup of the E-Alliance website. The page features the Mission section of the website in full screen mode, and explains the different factors of the mission with icons to explain the different points.

This women-led and Indigenously owned studio was an excellent fit. We couldn’t be happier with the design they created!

E-Alliance team

Unfortunately the program funding for this project has ended. We’re deeply proud of the work accomplished with the E-Alliance team and the efforts that they have put forward to creating more equity in sports.