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Kambo Energy Group is an equity-based social enterprise that designs and delivers sustainable energy solutions.

These solutions aim to reduce energy poverty and improve housing to underrepresented communities, including Indigenous Nations, lower-income households, immigrants and newcomers. We created a new brand identity that reflects the importance of Kambo’s work.

The Kambo energy group brand guide is open to the first page. At the top of the page is a title in their brand colours indicating the topic is about 'Brand Architecture'.
The interior of the Kambo Energy Group brand guide is shown, with colours indicating the different aspects of this brand's identity.

How we helped

The new logo features a central circular shape to represent the communities at the heart of everything Kambo does. Three branches extend out from the core to represent Kambo’s three in-house programs: Empower Me (education to provide equitable access to energy and retrofit programs), Community Power (facilitating home building, renovation, and improvement projects within Indigenous communities), and the Home Upgrades Program (fully-subsidized energy retrofits to improve affordability for households living in energy poverty).

An icon showing the three different branches of this logo.
An icon with colours arranged around a circle.
An icon showing the sustainable energy concept of solar power.
An icon showing a swirl of green around a yellow core.

Each logo in the sub-brand is uniquely designed to represent its program while tying back to the main brand identity. Our team always wants to ensure for our clients that brand unity is central and easy to maintain if programs change or expand.

A woman looks at a mockup of a logo on her laptop. The logo text reads 'Empower Me' in brand colours.
A man stands in front of a brick wall. We just see his chest and arm. Under his arm is a yellow construction hat. His shirt reads 'Home Upgrades Program' with the Kambo logo on it.
A man in a green shirt with the Kambo 'Community Power' logo on it drills into an attic wall where energy improvement work is ongoing.

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