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Decolonizing public spaces through Indigenous art documentation.

The Indigenous Public Art Repository aims to decolonize public spaces by documenting contemporary Indigenous public art across North America (Turtle Island), providing a digital archive accessible to scholars, artists, educators, and the public. The website serves as a navigable resource, honouring Indigenous Peoples’ historic connection to the land through various art forms.

Mockup of brochure.

How we helped

We approached the project through a lens of decolonization, creating a design that represents contemporary Indigenous art without embodying any single culture or nation. We utilized a Minimalist-inspired theme with contemporary shapes inspired by Indigenous motifs and a colour palette representing the sacred medicine wheel. The inclusion of an interactive map with a toggle feature that allows users to switch between Indigenous territories and settler borders ensures inclusivity and flexibility in viewing experiences.

Mac and iPhone mockups.

To address accessibility and bandwidth limitations for target audiences, we optimized the website’s performance by utilizing scalable vector graphics (SVGs) and minimizing the use of large image files. We also ensured sufficient contrast between text and background colours and prioritized an intuitive user interface design to promote ease of use and accessibility for all users.

Laptop mockup and preview on mobile device.

Making a difference

Our design solution created a dynamic and engaging website that embodies the modern aesthetic representation envisioned by the project founders. Through careful attention to accessibility, performance optimization, and intuitive user interface design, we provided a distinct and inclusive platform for Indigenous public art, honouring Indigenous Peoples’ historic connection to the land, and recognizing authentic Indigenous art while addressing issues of appropriation in public spaces. With over 600 pieces of public art and writings featured on the website, the repository continues to grow and expand its reach internationally, serving as a hub for Indigenous cultural expression and recognition.

iPhone and tablet mockups.