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Biinaagami, meaning “water is clean” in Ojibwe, is a program endeavouring to heal and protect the Great Lakes watershed.

Developed by the region’s First Nations matriarchs with the support of Swim Drink Fish Canada and Canadian Geographic, Biinaagami was in need of a unique brand and website to build support for their mission among local communities and beyond.

The Biinaagami logo.

How we helped

Centring Indigenous perspectives, our branding revolves around the lakes’ life-giving waters. The logo features a raven and sturgeon circling a pool, emphasizing that all living things depend on the water, whether they live above it or below.

The inside of the Biinaagami brand guide is open and pointed towards the viewer.
A mac mockup of the Biinaagami website is shown, with the logo prominently displayed against the animated water video on the homepage.

Along with the branding, the Biinaagami team wanted an interactive website to highlight their activities and support the growth of their community network. Visitors to the website are treated to sensations for the lake, with sounds of running water and rippling animations serving to deepen their immersion.

A tablet mockup of the Biinaagami website.
An overhead shot looking down at people walking over a large map of the Great Lakes covering the floor. The Biinaagami logo is displayed at the top of the map.
A cup with the Biinaagami logo sits next to the waters of the Great Lakes.