Culturally-Informed Design Solutions in Higher Education

We are an Indigenous and women-led agency with access to a diverse roster of creative talent. Our team will strategically plan and create visuals that resonate with people across the glorious human spectrum of abilities, ambitions, cultures, genders, and learning styles.

We have seen transformative power arise through diversity in communications. Our portfolio pieces demonstrate tangible results for higher education institutions. Read the story about a name change that generated one of the largest donations ever received. Or, find out how we integrated innovative mapping technology through an Indigenous lens to showcase Indigenous art across Turtle Island.

Crafting Communications with Purpose through IIDEAS

We are leaders in delivering our IIDEAS lens (Indigeneity, Inclusivity, Equity, Accessibility, and Sustainability). Our team can, for example, curate authentic Indigenous photo libraries for your educational institution. Efforts like this result in creative solutions that mean:

  • Increasing engagement and participation rates among students and faculty.
  • Mitigating non-compliance risks for accessibility standards.
  • Fostering stronger feelings of connection and community among diverse audiences.
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I’m really excited that we’re changing our name to the Center for Indigenous Health because it better reflects the diverse Indigenous scholars and communities across the world that we are honored to work with.

Victoria O’Keefe, Center for Indigenous Health Associate Director

Our Work

Read more about how our team is working to create culturally informed campaigns. Explore our portfolio and view the transformative power of diversity in communications.

Empower your organization with the strength of inclusive marketing.

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