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For over 25 years, RBC has been taking steps to build an equitable future with Indigenous Peoples.

From funding philanthropic initiatives to providing opportunities for employment, education, and procurement, RBC’s commitment to Indigenous engagement is rooted in their ethos of fostering inclusivity and empowerment. Their vision for this work extended beyond just corporate responsibility; it aimed to cultivate genuine connections and foster mutual respect between Indigenous communities and broader society.

How we helped

Our team is helping bring RBC’s vision to life. From inception to execution, our approach centres around active listening and ground-up collaboration, and places importance on understanding the diverse perspectives and cultural nuances within Indigenous communities to find the perfect voice to resonate with them all.

A screenshot from the VR lacrosse experience is shown.

History of Lacrosse VR

One of our most innovative projects with RBC is an immersive virtual reality experience that tells the story of Indigenous lacrosse traditions. Rooted in historical exploration and physical engagement, History of Lacrosse entertains and educates participants about the sacred essence of the game and its cultural significance.

It’s so great to see my culture in a new media.

A traditional lacrosse stick, representing distinct Indigenous Nations
A traditional lacrosse stick, representing distinct Indigenous Nations
A traditional lacrosse stick, representing distinct Indigenous Nations
A traditional lacrosse stick, representing distinct Indigenous Nations

Incorporating augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technologies into Indigenous storytelling is a groundbreaking approach that not only authentically conveys Indigenous narratives but also helps to safeguard and revitalize their cultures. History of Lacrosse is a unique experience that conserves Mi’kmaw traditional knowledge and ignites a sense of joy and curiosity in participants.

I love that the game features the history of lacrosse. I didn’t know about the Mi’kma origin story, and I’m sure it’s very educational for the youth, especially [with a medium] like this where it’s interactive and more appealing.

NAIG 2023 attendee

Event engagement

The History of Lacrosse experience debuted at NAIG 2023 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, captivating Indigenous youth and community members. It continued to resonate at a Truth and Reconciliation Day event in Ottawa, Ontario, offering a meaningful avenue for participants to engage with Indigenous culture and fostering connections and understanding.


participants engaged at the NAIG 2023


total time spent exploring at the NAIG 2023


participants engaged at the 2023 Ottawa Truth and Reconciliation Day

A large blue truck sits in front of RBC Centre. The sides of the truck have opened up to allow participants to view the History of Lacrosse VR experience in the interior.
iPhone mockups of the VR experience. One says 'Experience the History of Lacrosse' and the other displays the text, 'From Indigenous Traditions to Worldwide Passion'.

So happy to see younger people engage with our culture.

A Chosen Journey

Another project we’ve worked on is A Chosen Journey, a report and national campaign that celebrates Indigenous knowledge and RBC’s ongoing work towards reconciliation.

The front page of A Chosen Journey is shown facing the viewer on a blue background.
An inside page of A Chosen Journey report is shown, facing the viewer against a blue background.
A sticker that says 'Celebrating Indigenous Knowledge' from A Chosen Journey campaign
A Chosen Journey sticker

It was essential for this project to be Indigenous-led and informed. We looped in and managed some incredible Indigenous creatives, including the writer, models, photographer, and beaders, to design an accessible report following RBC brand guidelines. Reflected in the work are themes such as hope, love, family, tradition, and knowledge sharing, every part infused with authenticity and attention to detail.

A laptop faces the viewer against a yellow background. The laptop screen shows an Indigenous man smiling during a video call, with the RBC logos against the background on the laptop screen.
iPhone mockups of A Chosen Journey icons and branding are shown. One of the two iPhones shown has a photograph of an Indigenous man and his daughter looking at something together, overlaid with the text 'RBC honours the Truth & Reconciliation Commission: Call to Action #2'.
A mac laptop screen is shown with a Facebook post with the imagery and messaging of A Chosen Journey.

Filled with empowering visuals and inspirational narratives, A Chosen Journey received overwhelming praise when it launched, with RBC branches nationwide embracing it as a benchmark in Indigenous representation. RBC is continuing to represent Indigenous Peoples in more authentic ways, highlighting success and great partnerships.

An interior view of an RBC branch. There are screens display A Chosen Journey messaging and imagery above teller machines.
An exterior shot of an RBC branch. On the windows of the branch is a large design showing an Indigenous man and a young girl looking at something together. The text reads 'Celebrating Indigenous knowledge and building a future together' over top of a link to a webpage.
Mockups of stand up display banners showing A Chosen Journey branding.

Making a difference

Through our collaborative campaigns with RBC, we’ve made a tangible difference in advancing reconciliation efforts and fostering meaningful connections with Indigenous communities. Our initiatives have transcended mere marketing endeavors; they’ve become catalysts for change, driving true representation and amplifying Indigenous voices in unprecedented ways. Each campaign tells a compelling story of deep respect, and reflects our shared commitment to building bridges and creating a more equitable world for everyone.